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PromiseShip, the new Nebraska Families Collaborative, provides child wellbeing and safety services for children and families involved in the child welfare system in a public-private partnership with the State of Nebraska, working with over 5,000 children and families each year in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. PromiseShip tirelessly spans boundaries bringing powerful partners together to  provide innovative solutions that transform  life’s uncertainty into family well-being.

We help families become strong units built on a foundation of love, confidence and independence. There’s no better way to strengthen our community than by helping families be families.

PromiseShip’s number one goal is to preserve the family so they can heal as a unit. If the family has been separated, we move towards family reunification. In cases where reunification is not possible, we help the children find forever families. Through prevention services, we continue to work with families we’ve helped so they can stay strong and keep growing. Read our latest news articles to see how we are working to achieve these goals each and every day.

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