Our History

The evidence was undeniable: at-risk children who stay at home with their families fare better in the long-run than those who are removed. This insight kicked off a revolution in the way our society thinks about child welfare. Laws were changed, initiatives were introduced, but there was no organization that approached what’s best for the children from the family’s perspective.

To meet this need, Boys Town, Child Saving Institute, Heartland Family Service, Nebraska Family Support Network and Omni Inventive Care came together in 2009 to establish PromiseShip (initially known as Nebraska Families Collaborative).

Our Mission

PromiseShip tirelessly spans boundaries bringing powerful partners together to provide innovative solutions that transform life’s uncertainty into family wellbeing.

Our Vision

Through the works of PromiseShip, we envision connected communities filled with strong families who are self-sufficient and empowered with great hope for the future.

Our Values

  • Do the right thing
  • Empower one another
  • Seek impact every day
  • Always keep improving

Through many milestones, strong partnerships, friendships and relationships backed by good stewardship and leadership, we help families move forward toward a solid future.