Duffels 4 Dignity

As of October 1, 2019, PromiseShip will no longer be accepting donations of cash or in-kind goods/services, including those for its Duffels 4 Dignity program. We thank all the generous donors who helped hundreds of foster youth through this program over the past 5 years.

Please note: We are hoping to transition the Duffels 4 Dignity program to another organization in the near future. We will update this page with information once we have more details.

PromiseShip’s Duffels 4 Dignity program was launched in July 2013 in response to staff’s concern that foster youth were transporting their personal belongings in nothing more than trash bags. Trash bags are for trash, not for children’s belongings. All children deserve the respect and dignity to proudly carry their personal belongings in duffel bags.

Duffels 4 Dignity served as a commitment to children entering the foster care system – they are not alone and we will stand by them during this transitional time.

Our Commitments

Provide comfort
Protect childhood
Inspire self-worth
Demonstrate compassion

Ways You Helped

  • Made an online donation
  • Mailed-in or dropped off cash or check donations to our main location
  • Hosted an event at your home and donated proceeds to Duffels 4 Dignity
  • Told friends and family about this unique program that helped local foster youth
  • Advocated for foster youth

$25 Provided an infant with a care package
$50 Provided a large duffel bag with personal care items for one child
$100 Provided 4 siblings with their very own duffel bags for their belongings

Thank you for your compassionate support of children in foster care!