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Duffels 4 Dignity

PromiseShip’s Duffels 4 Dignity program was launched in July 2013 in response to staff’s concern that foster youth were transporting their personal belongings in nothing more than trash bags. Trash bags are for trash, not for children’s belongings. All children deserve the respect and dignity to proudly carry their personal belongings in duffel bags. Duffels […] Read More

Fund Hope

Hope was about to spend yet another Christmas in foster care. Her foster family struggled financially and Hope’s Family Permanency Specialist at PromiseShip knew she would not be receiving much that Christmas. As an older youth, Hope had grown accustomed to going without gifts during the holidays. Her Family Permanency Specialist knew that Hope had […] Read More

Duffels 4 Dignity July Drive 2018

Now in its fifth year, the Duffels 4 Dignity Drive, sponsored by PromiseShip, is raising money and awareness to offer foster kids something more than a trash bag to carry their personal belongings in during their transition into foster care. The program, which began in 2013, provides children with a new duffel bag filled with […] Read More