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Duffels 4 Dignity

PromiseShip’s Duffels 4 Dignity program was launched in July 2013 in response to staff’s concern that foster youth were transporting their personal belongings in nothing more than trash bags. Trash bags are for trash, not for children’s belongings. All children deserve the respect and dignity to proudly carry their personal belongings in duffel bags. Duffels […] Read More

Championship Story: Chelsey

Chelsey just got braces, and she’ll be getting her driver’s license soon, too. She loves singing in the school choir, and she’s having a blast in photography class. Chelsey is leading a normal teenage life, a blessing we often take for granted. Her early life was unstable due to family substance abuse and other tragedies. […] Read More

Kinship Story: Cyrvan

A defining feature of family is unconditional love. For Louisette, her actions to provide her grandson, Cyrvan, life-saving treatment speak louder than a simple “I love you” could ever convey. Cyrvan was born in the central African country of Gabon with a genetic disorder that keeps him confined to a wheelchair. Four years ago, Louisette […] Read More

Grasstops Leadership Program

Do you have a dream to help make your community stronger and better? Do you have ideas about what should be done, but don’t know what to do with those ideas? Apply to participate in our Grasstops Leadership Program! Read More

Flowering Hands Art Project

In February 2017, Tami Nebesniak (Family Permanency Director at PromiseShip) decided to create an art project that would represent real life data about the children we serve. Read More

January 2018 Prevention Services Newsletter

January 2018 marks the first edition of the Prevention Services Newsletters, which is replacing the previous Aftercare Newsletter. This new, digital newsletter provides many great community resources, events and other helpful information for families. Read More

PromiseShip, The New Nebraska Families Collaborative

Since our founding, we’ve accomplished so much in helping countless families transform from a state of uncertainty to a state of well-being. And in the process, we grew in experience, size, mission, and vision. In honor of our work, we spent the past year looking at the Nebraska Families Collaborative brand, completing a much-needed deep […] Read More