A Grandmother’s Love

Published: 3/30/2019

All day long, Fayetta works hard to help customers, often patiently resolving complaints and concerns from confused or upset individuals. Carrying the weight of those interactions home only compounded the burden she felt for two of her grandchildren, who were in the foster care system.

After watching them struggle academically, emotionally and socially, and fearing the worst for her family, Fayetta reached out to PromiseShip for help to become a foster parent.

Through foster care classes, Fayetta learned what it meant for parents and grandparents to go through the loss of children. She gained strategies for helping children through difficult and painful family situations. Soon, the State reached out to Fayetta to gauge her interest in giving her grandchildren a forever home.

Fayetta first adopted her 11 year-old grandson, Ziaire, and a year later brought her 15 year-old granddaughter, Tash, home for good too. PromiseShip helped Fayetta through the adoption process, making sure she had all the necessary legal documents and support from start to finish. Today, Tash continues to connect with PromiseShip for ongoing support.

Even though learning to live together as a family has been tough at times, the children are doing well in school and life is good. Fayetta is learning now to be not only a parent and a grandparent, but also a mentor and friend. Now part of a forever family, Fayetta’s children are flourishing and the future for all of them looks bright.

“I let them know that I am proud of them,” Fayetta said. “We are going to focus on the present and the future.”

Like so many of the families we help, Fayetta’s story shows the transformation that is possible when children are grounded in a stable and loving home.