A Long Road to a Bright Future

Published: 7/26/2019

After years of instability and struggle, Kareen, a single mother, has found her happy place.

In the midst of moving from state to state, one thing that was consistent for Kareen’s family was their involvement with child protective services. The constant change, daily struggles, and setbacks took a toll on her family. However, all of that changed when Kareen was assigned a dedicated case manager who was committed to doing whatever it took to help her family succeed.

Truancy issues started years ago when Kareen’s oldest son (now 15) was struggling with school. While living in Omaha, truancy became such an issue that the court ordered the family to be involved in the child welfare system in July 2018. Right away, PromiseShip advocated for Kareen’s children to continue living at home while receiving services and support to help strengthen their family so they could change their course.

Although they were taking steps in the right direction, Kareen’s family continued to encounter obstacles, such as unstable housing, lack of transportation, and not having enough food to fill their cupboards.

Kareen’s PromiseShip Family Permanency Specialist (i.e., case manager) was by her side the entire journey. Over time, they developed a strong relationship with a deep understanding and respect for one another.

Kareen’s case manager helped connect them with community resources to address the obstacles her family had encountered on-and-off for many years.

Eight months passed and Kareen’s family had made enormous progress. They had achieved more stable housing and food security, and the children were attending school regularly. By that time, the family’s case moved to voluntary non-court status and PromiseShip continued to provide services and supports to ensure their progress continued.

This June, less than one year after entering the child welfare system, the family’s case officially closed. Kareen was grateful to have had the support of PromiseShip and remarked that, “no one had kept their promise before.” During her last visit with the family, Kareen’s case manager observed that it was the first time she’d seen Kareen genuinely happy since she got their case.

Kareen and her children are now living in Lincoln with extended family. She is successfully employed and her children are doing well in school. Her son even talks about his college plans!

Kareen’s story is a reminder that each family’s journey is unique. More importantly, it’s a reminder that every family deserves the chance to be successful. Because of hard work, commitment, and kept promises, Kareen and her family’s future is bright!