Cultural Ties Help Put Family on a Path to Success

Published: 8/19/2019

After struggling for many years, Aracely, a single mother, was able to create a positive future for her and her children by connecting with appropriate supports and extended family who could help her succeed.

After a life riddled with uncertainty, poverty, and sexual abuse in Honduras, Aracely was determined to do whatever it took to provide her children with a better life.

With three young children and a baby on the way, Aracely didn’t lose sight or hope for a better life. She and her children traveled thousands of miles to Nebraska to be reunited with her husband. Once here, Aracely was relieved to be in a safe place and seemed to be on a path of stability. Unfortunately, everything changed in what seemed like an instant.

Within a month of her arrival, Aracely’s husband was deported and Aracely was plunged back into a life of uncertainty. Living in a place with no trusted friends, family, or support system, Aracely was at a loss and didn’t know where to turn for help.

Without her husband and a steady income, Aracely searched for a job to provide for her family. While job hunting, Aracely unknowingly left her children under improper supervision. This lead Aracely and her children to enter the child welfare system. Coming from another country and culture, she quickly learned the hard way that what was common in her home county was not appropriate in the U.S.

Fortunately, Aracely and her children were quickly reunified, but they were living in a homeless shelter. Although together, their family still faced many obstacles. The dream of a better future for her children seemed to be fading.

Then PromiseShip stepped into their lives. Aracely was assigned a bilingual PromiseShip Family Permanency Specialist (i.e., case manager) who could better advocate for Aracely and her children.

Although Aracely and her case manager did not speak the same dialect of Spanish, her case manager patiently explained proper safety precautions and connected her with resources and safety classes so the family could remain healthy and happy together.

During this time, PromiseShip also used its Family Finding process to locate Aracely’s older sister in Oregon. Aracely’s sister was happy to step in and help support Aracely and her family. She even wanted Aracely and her children to move to Oregon where she could provide them more stability and support.

Aracely was thrilled! However, she still had one important goal to achieve–she wanted to work. Aracely’s case manager helped connect her with immigration services so she would be able to establish the necessary immigration status in Oregon in order to achieve this goal.

From taking Aracely to the local Homeland Security office to explain the immigration process to helping her reunite with family in Oregon, PromiseShip and its network of providers were there each step of the way.

Today, Aracely and her children live with her sister in Oregon. She keeps in touch with her former PromiseShip case manager by providing regular updates and photos of the children. The children’s infectious smiles and Aracely’s updates of how happy they are proves that her hope for a better future is coming true!