Employee Spotlight: Callie Getzschman

Published: 2/25/2019

Callie has been with PromiseShip for a total of almost 6 years! She worked with PromiseShip for 4.5 years as a Family Permanency Specialist and Family Permanency Specialist Supervisor and recently rejoined the team a year ago as a Kinship Specialist.

She says, “I’m drawn to PromiseShip’s mission to help support children and families in our community.”

In her current role as a Kinship Specialist, Callie meets with relative and kinship families to conduct home studies and provide support to the family and children placed in the home. She also supports the relative/kinship home throughout the duration of the child’s placement with the family.

Prior to working at PromiseShip, Callie was a supervisor at Uta Halee. For over 10 years, Callie has worked in the child welfare field. Her passion for helping others is apparent.

“I love seeing families being successful,” she says.

She adds, “Every day this organization becomes more trauma informed and wants the best for every person we may come in contact with. I love working in a community that has so much hope and purpose!”

Callie is a true advocate of PromiseShip. Thank you, Callie, for your continued hard work and dedication to our mission!