Employee Spotlight: Dijana Milankovic

Published: 5/31/2019

Dijana has been with PromiseShip for two years. Prior to her current role as a Family Finding Specialist, Dijana was an intern with PromiseShip.

In her current role, Dijana works with family permanency staff and teams to assist in carrying out the Family Finding Model. The same model used to identify and engage family members and other adults who care about a child involved with
PromiseShip. As a Family Finding Specialist, Dijana works on
fostering connections with extended family such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, in order to normalize the process as much as possible for the children involved.

Dijana said what led her to this work was the belief that she is capable of making positive impact on children and their families .

When asked what she is most proud of about her role at PromiseShip, Dijana stated, “each time I help kids start having visitation with their grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts or even neighbors my heart is full. Keeping those connections is what most of us take for granted and do not realize how important they are… especially for the kids in foster care.”

Dijana is a true advocate of PromiseShip. Thank you, Dijana, for your continued hard work and dedication to our mission!