Flowering Hands Art Project

Published: 3/1/2018

In February 2017, Tami Nebesniak (Family Permanency Director at PromiseShip) decided to create an art project that would represent real life data about the children we serve.

She used data about all State Wards and their length of stay in their placements to create the panel art shown in the picture above. Tami made packets for all the FPSs to have the hands traced of the youth on their caseloads using different colored paper.

It took many months, but Tami eventually was able to get all the traced hands of children. Then it was time to cut them all out! In November 2017, the Employee Giving Committee approved funds to purchase corrugated metal roofing panels for the project. Finally, in January 2018, assembly began! It is fully completed as of February 21, 2018, a year later!

The different colored paper represents length of stay in out-of-home care and the gray represents children in their parents’ home. The butterflies represent youth who were missing at the time the data was pulled and the bees represent Independent Living youth. Each metal panel represents a different judge for Sarpy (O’Neal & Gendler) and Douglas Counties (Kelly, Crnkovich, Thomas, Johnson and Daniels). This was before Judge Kahler joined the bench.

The end product is huge, beautiful, sad and impactful!