From Addict to Advocate

Published: 3/30/2019

Pregnant, homeless and addicted, Kyndra had hit rock bottom. A life on the streets had taken its toll.

PromiseShip workers helped Kyndra rebuild her life. From chemical dependency evaluations and trauma therapy, to maintaining her sobriety and working on rebuilding her relationships with her older children, Kyndra slowly began to gain the life skills she desperately needed but had never been taught.

“I didn’t do it by myself,” Kyndra says. “I had really good caseworkers who helped me. I felt like we all had the same goal in mind and that was to be a better parent and give my children a better life.”

On her road to recovery, a bomb dropped – the father of Kyndra’s baby was murdered. With a two-month old baby to care for and so much sudden grief to process, a return to a life of drugs, homelessness and despair called. Kyndra refused to answer. Instead, she leaned on her PromiseShip workers for guidance. They helped her process the grief, build relationships and care for her new baby.

She learned how to drive, hold a steady job, pay bills and maintain a home. She opted into prevention services that she credits as saving her life.

Today, Kyndra works full -time where she helps other young women struggling through addiction, abusive relationships and homelessness to rewrite the script on their stories, just as she did hers.

“If PromiseShip didn’t intervene, I wouldn’t have my baby. I would be actively using and would probably be homeless because I wouldn’t have the skills I’ve learned. Now, I know I’m not alone and where to go to get the support I need, even if it’s just to have someone help me problem-solve my way through the latest situation. I feel truly blessed.”