Photo of Louisette and Cyrvan

Prevention Support: Cyrvan’s Story

Published: 4/20/2018

A defining feature of family is unconditional love. For Louisette, her actions to provide her grandson, Cyrvan, life-saving treatment speak louder than a simple “I love you” could ever convey.

Cyrvan was born in the central African country of Gabon with a genetic disorder that keeps him confined to a wheelchair. Four years ago, Louisette and Cyrvan’s uncle brought him to Omaha to receive cutting-edge treatment. Unfortunately, his mother and sisters had to stay in Gabon, so Louisette took over every aspect of his care.

In Gabon, Louisette lost two of her sons to the same genetic disorder Cyrvan has. Now that their family has access to treatment, she’ll move mountains to ensure Cyrvan gets it. She’s endured the hardships of a language barrier, her own health issues, unsteady income and separation from her family to care for him. Even though she’s a fierce advocate for her grandson, Louisette needed a few tools to overcome these obstacles. 

With the help of PromiseShip’s kinship support and prevention services, she’s been able to access a caseworker to coordinate Cyrvan’s transportation to school and treatment, facilitate translation services, and much more.

It hasn’t been an easy transition, but it’s one that champions the strength of love. With translation help from Cyrvan’s uncle, Louisette says, “I miss my daughter and granddaughters, but the most important thing is making sure Cyrvan gets treatment. I can always go back to Gabon, but he can’t. So, the most important thing right now is him.”

This story exemplifies our mission to help families be families, no matter the obstacles. Through Louisette’s loving, hard work, Cyrvan can have the childhood he deserves.