Miranda’s Reunification Story

Published: 10/4/2019

Miranda leveraged her resources and inner strength to overcome addiction and become the mom her daughter deserved.

Addicted, a tumultuous relationship with substance abuse, her daughter placed in foster care, and alone, Miranda’s life had spiraled out of control.

Miranda had lost herself along the way. She had lost her self-respect and her ability to be a parent. When she finally checked herself into treatment, Miranda’s case had been open for well over two years.

For a while she believed she could do it all on her own. When PromiseShip would reach out, Miranda would evade their assistance. Missing meetings and avoiding phone calls from her caseworker, Miranda would disappear and relapse. After a pattern of doing well for a time and then regressing, Miranda had reached a breaking point. She realized she needed to accept help.

From chemical dependency evaluations to connecting Miranda with housing in an inpatient program that allowed her to remain together with her daughter while receiving treatment, PromiseShip helped Miranda rebuild her life.

With the help of her personal supports, her therapists, her sponsor and her PromiseShip Family Permanency Specialist, Miranda was making progress. However, even with the progress she was making, she still had one hurdle to clear; she was due in court for a final hearing to terminate her parental rights.

At that hearing, Miranda tested negative for illegal substances. After testimonies and deliberation, the judge made the decision to keep her parental rights intact and give Miranda another chance.

After the court hearing, Miranda continued to maintain her sobriety. PromiseShip was there to be the extra encouragement that Miranda and her family needed to stay the course.

Today, Miranda and her daughter are together again and their family is doing well. Miranda realized that it takes a community to raise a child and that it is okay to accept help. Because of her inner strength and her support from PromiseShip, Miranda now has the resources to be the role model for her daughter that she always wanted to be.