PromiseShip Celebrates National Adoption Month

Published: 11/2/2018

PromiseShip is celebrating National Adoption Month in November when 48 children will be adopted in Douglas and Sarpy counties. Each has a story to tell – these two families share their stories to inspire others considering adoption to begin their journey.

Caelyn’s Story:

Michelle and her husband, Rob, were your typical parents raising four sons. As with any family with teenagers, it wasn’t uncommon for friends to come over to their home. One friend, Caelyn, was an “ordinary teenage girl” as Michelle described her. Caelyn would frequently visit the family home and over time, Michelle and Rob learned of her unstable past and uncertain future.

As a family, they decided that Caelyn, as all children, deserved a stable home environment to allow her to grow and flourish. That is when Michelle and Rob asked her to be a part of their family. The couple fostered Caelyn until they were able to adopt her in July of 2018. She has been an inseparable part of the family ever since.

“The best experience is knowing that our family provided a real need in this life and together we changed someone’s life for the better. We also changed our own for the better. It has been an enriching, fulfilling experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” said Michelle.

Meet Tina & John:

When Tina and John became foster parents, their intent was to give children stability until they found a permanent home, whether through reunification or adoption. They wanted children who lived with them to know that when they left, they would go home to their own family, or they would stay with them permanently.

Tina, who was adopted through foster care herself, was able relate to the children in her care. Her own adoption also impacted her decision to adopt.

Tina and John’s family has become a bigger and stronger family. They have three biological children and on November 15, 2018, will adopt two daughters, ages 14 and 3 years old.

“The greatest joy of this experience has been watching the children grow and become part of our family,” said Tina.

National Adoption Day:

On November 17, 2018, at the Douglas County Civic Center, 38 children of all ages will be adopted and go home with their new, forever families. The ceremony will begin at 8:00 a.m.