PromiseShip Files Lawsuit Against Nebraska State Agencies

Published: 7/15/2019

PromiseShip, who contracts with the state of Nebraska to provide community-based care for children and their families involved in the child welfare system, today announced it has filed a taxpayer lawsuit against state of Nebraska agencies in conjunction with Kathy Bigsby Moore as an interested Nebraska taxpayer. Bigsby Moore was the founding Executive Director of Voices for Children in Nebraska, Interim Executive Director of the Nebraska Foster Care Review Board, and longtime advocate of children and families involved in the child welfare system.

“Having cared and advocated for abused and neglected children for more than forty years, I could not stand silently by and watch the state of Nebraska enter into such an unlawful, unethical and inadequately funded contract. My first priority has always been Nebraska’s children, particularly the most vulnerable, who have experienced abuse and neglect,” Bigsby Moore said.

The filing of a formal complaint with the District Court of Lancaster County is PromiseShip’s first step in pursuing a lawsuit.

“If this contract is allowed to go into effect, the very children the State is mandated to protect will be placed at unnecessary risk of further trauma, neglect and uncertainty. I cannot let Nebraska’s tax dollars be misspent in this unconscionable way and am hopeful the courts will reverse this heart wrenching decision,” Bigsby Moore added.

President and CEO Ron Zychowski said, “PromiseShip decided to file this lawsuit when the Department of Health and Human Services signed a contract with Saint Francis Ministries with full knowledge that its own protest process was not concluded. We are taking this next step to express the seriousness of the issues at hand and to ensure children and families in Douglas and Sarpy counties are properly served.”