PromiseShip Goes Above and Beyond to Help Kids and Families

Published: 7/11/2019

The smell of cotton candy and funnel cakes filled the air on June 21 when PromiseShip hosted its most recent open house for more than 280 children and families.

The sound of children’s giggles could be heard floating above the noise of carnival games and other family-friendly activities, bringing a smile to the faces of dozens of staff who helped make the open house possible.

Thanks to generous donations, the carnival-themed open house provided a meal for families to enjoy together, as well as a myriad of fun activities.

Everywhere you looked you could see children having fun, whether zooming down a giant slide, getting a pretty design painted on their face, receiving a unique creation from a balloon artist, getting their family together for a photo in the photo booth, or proving their throwing skills at the dunk tank. The carnival games also helped boost children’s confidence by winning small prizes for playing.

While the June open house offered a fun-filled day for families, it also serves an important purpose. The open houses are held every other month as a way to provide additional resources and information for families involved in the child welfare system. Families are able to make new connections with community resources to help them be successful now and well into the future.

The PromiseShip open houses originated when staff saw a need to better connect families with available resources in the Omaha community. The first open house was held in October 2018 and they’ve continued to grow ever since.

The partnerships that have been developed over the past 10 years between families and the community is reflective of the success of these open houses. For example, at the June open house, Douglas County juvenile court judges attended to show their support – some even participated in being dunked in the dunk tank!

The open houses are made possible by generous donors and numerous PromiseShip staff. The next PromiseShip open house will be held in August to help prepare children and families for the upcoming school year.