PromiseShip, The New Nebraska Families Collaborative

Published: 1/15/2018

Since our founding, we’ve accomplished so much in helping countless families transform from a state of uncertainty to a state of well-being. And in the process, we grew in experience, size, mission, and vision.

In honor of our work, we spent the past year looking at the Nebraska Families Collaborative brand, completing a much-needed deep brand analysis that has helped us refine our vision, mission and positioning statement. The process helped us realize that we had evolved beyond our name — a name that has often been confused with other organizations, shortened to an acronym that’s easily dismissed, and one that limits us geographically.

From this point forward, Nebraska Families Collaborative will be known as PromiseShip. We believe this new name opens the door to hope and possibilities, speaks to our growing culture of innovation, and aligns with our passion. It allows us to present ourselves in a manner that inspires trust and confidence.

Change can be daunting, but we have full faith that this change will lead us down an exciting path with new opportunities. Nothing will deter us from continuing to work tirelessly with our partners in providing quality services that will transform the lives of thousands of families.

Thank you for traveling this journey with us.